Insurance consultation

„Marine Financial Club” in cooperation with leading insurance brokers offers consultations and helps to find personalized solutions to achieve high quality financial protection against unpredictable life’s situations specially developed for seafarers.

Please be informed that upon our request Insurance Brokers have created insurance programs specially for our clients. Children insurance starts from 12,- Euro per year, for adults – starting from 19,- Euro per year.

Critical illness insurance

Unfortunately everybody can suffer from a variety of serious illness and other health problems. And rehabilitation can be lengthy and costly process. In some occasions even assistance of foreign specialist might be required which means significantly higher expenses. Also should be taken in account the fact that most probably during recovery process a person will be declared unfit for duty thus income will be limited.

Critical illness insurance is a way how to assure financial compensation in case of serious illness or any other health problems additionally to life insurance. Such compensation will help you to recover more quickly and return to your regular lifestyle.

Accident insurance

Nobody ever plans to have accidents- they usually happen unexpectedly and in most inappropriate moment. Common consequences of accidents are different traumas which make it difficult  to make a living for himself and family, not to mention additional rehabilitation costs which inevitably arise in such circumstances.

Therefore “Marine Financial Club” suggests to every single person to assess need for any of accident insurance solutions that can be included in life insurance contract. It will provide financial compensation in either case of permanent incapacity for work or lighter injuries. On top of that it will assure the possibility to provide livelihood to your family in any critical situation.

Life insurance

Life insurance is a way how to show your responsibility towards your financial obligations – obligations towards your family whose breadwinner you are, towards bank in case you have mortgage or any other loan.

None of us can be completely sure that one day some accident will not happen. That is the reason why we are suggesting to our clients to assess if their relatives could maintain their income at appropriate level and meet their financial obligations in case one of breadwinners would be gone.

Life insurance provides financial compensation to specified beneficiary in case of insured person’s death. Secure the most valuable thing you have – your life – to prove your financial responsibility with your actions.

“Marine Financial Club” in cooperation with leading insurance brokers offers reliable consultations to create protection to your property and transport saving your precious time.

Property insurance

Real estate is usually one of the biggest purchases of everyone’s life. Of course, large investment is well over the years acquired movable property- furniture, home appliances, clothing, accessories and all other things required for everyday life. Thus everybody is interested in keeping them safe. Property insurance gives you a chance to make sure that all your valuable property will not be destroyed.

Depending on your needs you can secure yourself against various risks – either partly or complete loss of real estate or movable property.

Vehicle insurance

In addition to Third Party Liability Insurance(OCTA), it is also possible to obtain voluntary vehicle insurance(KASKO) that will secure vehicle owner against possible vehicle damage, destruction or theft.


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