Frequently asked questions

1. How long does the company „Marine Financial Club” exists?

„Marine Financial Club” was founded on 26th of November, 2014 by specialist from different fields of business. Owing to innovative thinking and more than 15 years of experience, we managed to create new concept based on needs of our clients.

2. Who can become a client of „Marine Financial Club”?

Target audience of „Marine Financial Club” are seafarers, however any company or individual from the age of 18 can be our client as well.

3. Your consultations must be expensive. Can I afford it?

We trust that key of successful co-operation is satisfied customer therefore first consultation IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE FREE.

4. What services are you offering?

Our main focus is on financial and legal matters however we can find solution to almost any problem you might have.

5. I want to conclude agreement for alternative pension, what is the expected profit in „Safe Haven”?

At the BASIC plan, the profit is 5% to 8% depending on the term of agreement; the profit is paid after the termination of agreement. At the SMART plan, the profit is 5% per annum which is paid every 6 months. At the PRIME plan, the profit is 10% per annum and it is paid quarterly.

6. What is the term of agreement in „Safe Haven”?

You have a right to choose the term of agreement depending on your goals and plans. The minimum is 5 years, maximum- 25 years.

7. What is needed amount to start the program?

You have a right to choose from 3 rates:

  • „Safe Haven – Basic” – from 50 € per month;
  • „Safe Haven – SMART” – from 5000,- € on a one-off basis;
  • „Safe Haven – PRIME” – from 200 000,- € on a one-off basis.
8. Is it possible to use the assets during the term of the agreement?

Yes. Starting from the second calendar year you have eligibility for payment of 20-30% of the contributed assets (depending on chosen plan).

9. Is it possible to intermit the contributions in case of unemployment or any other financial difficulties?

Yes, upon providing appropriate evidence you have a right to intermit the contributions for not more than 6 months.

10. What will happen if the agreement is terminated prior to the scheduled date?

The agreement, like any other credit agreement, is concluded for definite time. Prior termination is possible only with mutual assent. If the agreement is terminated prior to the scheduled date, “Marine Financial Club” has a right to claim compensation.

11. What will happen with agreement in case of creditor’s death?

In case of death, agreement with all rights and obligations will be turned over to his / her next of kin.

12. Why should I use your assistance when looking for loan?

Our priority is satisfied customer therefore we will look for best option in the market based on your needs and priorities irrespectively whether it is short on long term loan.

13. Why should I choose insurance provided by “Marine Financial Club”?

Your needs are our priority therefore we will look for most advantageous offer on your behalf irrespective of type of insurance- health, life, property, etc.

Feel free to contact us in case you have any other question.